How are LED panels made?

We get exclusive access to a manufacturer of illuminated displays to reveal the secrets behind the production of LED panels.
By Gary Hayers & Joe Robinson
Monday 8th April 2019
When someone says LED panels you probably think of the standard 600 x 600mm lighting panels used in offices, schools and hospitals.  However, the first volume application for the edge-lit technology, used in lighting panels, was to backlight the LCD screens of mobile phones. As LED technology became brighter and more cost-effective, the technology found its way into backlighting large area LCD screens. At this stage, LED edge lighting started to become viable for general lighting.   While mainstream lighting applications for edge lighting have become commoditised Unibox, based in Manchester, have invested in the latest laser cutting technology to manufacture LED light guides in-house.

We dropped in to see Nick Wraith managing director of Unibox to find out more.

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