First Fixx - Linian T&E Fire Clip

Preventing the premature collapse of cabling during a fire is one of the significant changes in the latest wiring regulations. We review a new Linian cable clip designed to aid compliance.
By Gary Hayers & Joe Robinson
​Monday 29th April 2019
The new T&E fire clips from Linian
The premature collapse of surface mounted cabling during a fire is a big issue. The death of numerous firefighters, over the last ten years, has been linked to entanglement. Regulations started to change in the 17th edition wiring regulations but focussed just on escape routes. However, the 18th edition has broadened this to all areas, on the basis that firefighters will often enter a burning building via a variety of ways, not just the emergency exits.

Linian, the Glasgow based manufacturer of cable clips have followed the regulations closely and developed a vast array of clips, to deal with most cable types.

We check out the latest edition for Twin and CPC (T&E) style cables. 

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Our verdict

We are genuinely surprised how easy these clips are to install, and the strength needed to remove them from the wall. Although designed for fire applications, they create an elegant, almost invisible, installation when compared to traditional plastic clips.

Linian T&E Fire Clip - FAQs

What size of cable clips are available?
The clips are available in different sizes to support cables 1mm  through to 10mm T&E.
What colours are available?
Stand colours are grey and white, but others are available to special order.
What depth should the mounting hole be?

The clips require a 30mm deep hole, using a 6mm diameter drill bit.

Are they suitable for wet/humid environments?
Clips are suitable for wet environments, including coastal locations and have been salt spray tested for 1000 hours.
Are they resistant to UV light?

Yes, the special coating is much more resistant to UV compared to plastic cable clips.

Are clips compatible with Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables?

Yes, they have been tested extensively to comply with London Underground requirements..

What the regs say

521.10.202 - Wiring systems shall be supported such that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire.


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