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This eFIXX Apprentice Hub learning resource has been designed for all who are carrying out electrical training. Whether you're training as an apprentice electrician, a full time learner or you're changing career, you'll find numerous helpful articles, videos and sets of multi-choice questions to help you with your electrical practice, learning and those all-important exams for either City and Guilds (C and G) or EAL awarding bodies. We hope this resource will be a massive help to all electrical learners across the whole of the U.K. whether you’re wiring in the Wirral, rocking it in Glastonbury, going massive in Swindon or living it up in Royal Leamington Spa. 

College Connection

This term, we visit North Lindsay College to meet the apprentices and lecturer Ian Clarke.

Practice exam questions

Installation theory

Prepare for your Installation Theory exams with our selection of multiple choice questions.

Electrical science & principles

It's everyone's favourite subject, well Joe's at least! Click the link above to get a helping hand with your science and principles exam.

Health & safety

The starting point for all electrical courses, don't fall at the first hurdle by using our practice questions to help pass your exam.

18th Edition

Prepare for your 18th Edition exams with our selection of multiple choice questions, thanks to Ian Clark of North Lindsey College for helping with the questions.

Learning resources

PVC Twin and earth wiring

Just starting your electrical course and struggling to install PVC cables neatly? Check out our learning resources designed just for you!

Industrial wiring systems

Don't know your conduit from your trunking? Or how to bend a piece of cable tray? These resources will help you master industrial wiring systems.

Electrical testing

Do you find testing a test? Click the link to view our structured learning resources and you'll soon be proving circuits are safe like a pro!

Electrical science & principles level 1

Your entry point into the exciting world of electrical science, check out our videos for complex ideas simply explained.

Electrical science & principles level 2

Studying electrical installation at level 2? Surprised at how much maths and science you need to know? These videos have been made to make this subject a lot easier to understand.

Electrical science & principles level 3

One of the highest hurdles to jump before you become an electrician is level 3 science and principles, watch our curated selection of videos to give you the best chance of completing.

Wiring regulations 18th edition BS7671

Your one stop shop for getting updated on the changes to the 18th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations.

Opinion: Gary Hayers

Read Gary's thoughts on the educational and electrical sectors.

Opinion: Joe Robinson

What's on Joe's mind? Does he ever think about anything apart from maths? Click the link to find out.

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