New cable simplifies EV charger installation

Installing a smart EV charger can create additional challenges for electrical contractors. The need to provide separate data and power connections can increase costs and complexity.  Doncaster Cables have launched the EV Ultra range in response to this challenge.
By Gordon Routledge
Thursday 5th September 2019
ev-ultra cable
EV-Ultra cable from Doncaster Cables
Most EV chargers now need some degree of data connectivity. From an internet connection to comply with OLEV requirements,  to signal wires back to a current transformer protecting against overload.  In many installations, wireless connections aren't suitable as charging locations tend to be remote from building infrastructure. 

The solution is to run dedicated data cables.  More cables equate to higher costs. Cables need to be routed and fixed, with careful attention to containment between power and data circuits. On a practical note, multiple cables entering a wall-mounted charger can be unsightly and create more chances for water ingress into charger enclosures.

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Introducing EV-Ultra

The EV Ultra range combines the power cable with a screened data cable in a single overall jacket. 

The initial range includes 4.0mm sq or 6.0mm sq three core power combined with either a screened Cat 5 cable or a screened twisted pair cable.

EV Ultra is available with steel wire armour protection for buried installations or Tuff sheath for surface-mounted installations with low risk of mechanical damage.
EV Ultra cable : 3x4mm sq plus Cat 5 data
EV-Ultra cable with Tuff sheath and Cat 5 data cable
The EV ultra with Cat 5 cable is ideal for hard-wired internet connections to charge points. The version with twisted pair is suitable for connecting to current transformers at the supply intake or daisy-chained connections between chargers to enable load sharing.

The charge point manufacturers define the exact data connection requirements.  The feedback we get from contractors specialising in EV is to always future proof the installation. Regulations continue to evolve, and demand for charging points continues to increase.  Installing a data cable for future developments may be prudent.

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ev-ultra cable
EV-Ultra cable available in SWA and Tuff sheath versions

What the regs say

Smart EV chargers need power and data connections
Smart EV chargers need power and data connections

Running data and power in a single cable is a concern for many electricians. However, it is common in many existing applications. DALI networks combine power with data in a single five core cable.

Voltage Band I is defined as levels of voltage which are too low to provide serious electric shocks; effectively this limits the band to extra-low voltage (ELV), including telecommunications, signalling, bell, control and alarm circuits.

Voltage Band II covers all voltages used in electrical installations not included in Band I. This means that all 230/400 V (240/415 V) supplies are included in Band II.

528.1 Proximity of electrical services (extract)

Except where one of the following methods is adopted, neither a Band I nor a Band II circuit shall be contained in the same wiring system as a circuit of nominal voltage exceeding that of low voltage, and a Band I circuit shall not be contained in the same wiring system as a Band II circuit.

(i) - Every cable or conductor is insulated for the highest voltage present.

528.2 Proximity of communications cables (extract)

NOTE 1: Special considerations of electrical interference, both electromagnetic and electrostatic, may apply to telecommunication circuits, data transfer circuits and the like.

The data cables within EV Ultra are screened and twisted pairs to reduce interference.

EV Ultra - part numbers

3 Core 4mm

  • EV-ULTRA3C4.0 - Tuff-Sheath
  • EV-ULTRA3C4.0CAT5 - CAT5

3 Core 6mm

  • EV-ULTRA3C6.0 - Tuff-Sheath
  • EV-ULTRA3C6.0CAT5 - CAT5

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